We are Sofá

We merge perspectives and experiences to develop digital strategies that empowered brands.

Why work with us?

Teamwork counts, communication forms count. We interact thinking about people before roles.

Our Pillars

Professionalism — We stick in the process to focus the efforts and get valuable results. We ask deep questions about the brand and the business because we need to be one of you at your company. With good communication we avoid unnecessary noise.

Team Work — We need you to participate in the project to help you achieve your goals. We are facilitators for things to happen, you are our guide to represent the essence of your brand, to ask questions, reflect and find answers together.

Honesty — Transparency and clarity are key elements in our relationships.We are honest about what we think about your brand and we expect the same from you, we need to know your real goals and motivations for the project.

Versatility — We like challenges and starting projects in different areas and with different objectives. We believe that communication is a key element in any company, organization or business venture and we can add value in each case.

Our team is intentionally flexible, it is designed to scale according to our clients needs.


How does the team interact with us on the project?

We hold on to our work process to deliver value. Participation as a client is necessary in fundamental stages, we need you to actively participate in order to help us promote your idea and follow the fulfillment of the objectives.

Can my whole team participate in the process?

All the people you want can be part of meetings or presentations to add value. One person assigned by you is going to be our point of contact to avoid misunderstanding and keep focused.

Can I hire part of your services only?

It depends on the type of project. Generally, if you want us to work in a part of our services, we can work together with your team.

I’m not sure how to start improving my brand communication. Could you give me some advice?

Of course, you don’t have to know all the answers. We will help you analyze your brand situation to choose the best option for you.

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